Catalogue of production

Element-copolymer propylene and ethylene
Polypropylene PP8300G
Polypropylene PP8400N
Polypropylene PP8332M
Polypropylene PP7445LM
Polypropylene PP8348SM
Polypropylene PP8348P
Polypropylene PP9240M
Polypropylene PP9240P
Polypropylene homopolymer
Polypropylene PP1500N
Polypropylene PP1500J
Polypropylene PP1525J
Polypropylene PP1550J
Polypropylene PP1315M
Polypropylene PP1300R
Polypropylene PP1362R
Polypropylene PP1365S
Propylene and ethylene
Polypropylene PP4132B
Polypropylene PP4215M
Polypropylene PP4240GM
Polypropylene PP4445S
Polypropylene PP4445T
Low-density polyethylene
Low-density polyethylene РЕ 2260М
Low-density polyethylene РЕ 6250D
Low-density polyethylene РЕ 6148C
Low-density polyethylene РЕ 6948C
Linear low-density polyethylene
Linear low-density polyethylene Lotrene Q1018N
Linear low-density polyethylene Lotrene Q2018N
Linear low-density polyethylene Lotrene Q2018C
General purpose polystyrene
General purpose polystyrene grade 402
General purpose polystyrene grade 404
General purpose polystyrene grade 409M
General purpose polystyrene grade 430
General purpose polystyrene grade 524B
General purpose polystyrene grade 525
General purpose polystyrene grade 525M
General purpose polystyrene grade 530B
General purpose polystyrene grade 535
General purpose polystyrene grade 537
General purpose polystyrene grade 585
General purpose polystyrene grade 591
High Impact Polystyrene (HIP)
740 - High Impact Polystyrene
825 - High Impact Polystyrene
825EM - High Impact Polystyrene
825ES - High Impact Polystyrene
825ESM - High Impact Polystyrene
ABS plastic
ABS 0445E
ABS 0646
ABS 0824V
ABS 1534
ABS 2332
ABS 1035
ABS 1434
ABS 0554E
ABS 0475E
ABS 3432
Imported materials
Linear low-density polyethylene
Linear low-density polyethylene Lotrene Q1018N
Linear low-density polyethylene Lotrene Q2018N
Linear low-density polyethylene Lotrene Q2018C

Scientific & Production Company BARS-2 has been successfully operating on the Russian market since 1992. Since that time we have been leading in the areas of development and production of pigment and additive masterbatches (MB) for coloring and modification of thermoplastic polymers. Today BARS-2 has several production sites in Russia. Over 1500 companies consume wide range of colour and additive MB under the BASCO®. Our constant customers are Gazprom, Lukoil, Procter and Gambler, Unilever, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Indesit, Huhtamaki and others.

Owning 27% market share of Russia, we have representative offices with our stocks in all federal districts, as well as wide dealer chain in RF, CIS and Baltic countries.

BARS-2 quality management system complies with requirements of ISO 9001:2001in IQNET and SINSERT systems. BASCO® has been pre-registered under REACH.

BARS-2 has proved itself as stable and reliable supplier, constantly expending production capacity with the newest and modern equipment. High quality of BASCO® products is achieved due to the strict incoming and outcoming quality control at a fully equipped laboratory .The best technical specialists, among whom there are 6 PhD, introduce advanced know-how according to the market demand. We use the best domestic raw materials, as well as components of raw materials from worldwide known manufacturers such as Clariant, BASF, DuPont, Kronos, Ekkart, Merck, Radiant Color and others.

Providing our clients with high quality products and services, technical support and our competence we do our best for satisfaction and prosperity of our customers.

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"Europlastic" - dynamically growing Company for more than 10 years being one of the major players on polymer market of Russia and CIS.The polymers and other chemical products offered by EUROPLASTIC are widely used in different applications: construction, manufacturing of consumer goods, package and parts for electro-technical industry etc.


141407, Moscow Region., Khimki, Street. Panfilov, possession 19, Building 1, 12th Floor
+7 (495) 739-48-51